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Two Generations

Like Mother, Like Daughter

“I remember as a little girl watching my momma make banana pudding. It was my favorite dessert! A double broiler and Jackson Cookies. Never thought my favorite dessert would become a business.” Tiffany Lewis – Owner

With a recipe a lifetime in the making, Tiffany Lewis’ Nana’s Pudding hits all the right taste buds to help you savor the moment. After a childhood spent looking forward to enjoying her mother’s holiday puddings with family and friends, Tiffany joined forces with Mom to bring the flavors and feelings of Nana’s Pudding to the masses. Nana’s Pudding is more than just world-class pudding offerings like honky tonk, strawberry delight, sugar free, banana-less pudding, tropical island, coconut island and the infamous original. It’s a spoonful that not only tickles your tongue, but stirs warm memories of love, fellowship, laughter and time well spent.

Featured Menu

Nana’s Pudding

The Original
Layers of sweet vanilla flavored custard, Vanilla Wafers, and sliced fresh bananas. Add additional $10 for delivery.

Small: $1o.00

Large: $30.00

Strawberry Delight

Fresh Strawberries
Layers of delicious Vanilla Wafers, bananas, vanilla pudding with fresh strawberries. Add additional $10 for delivery.

Small: $15.00

Large: $35.00

Honkey Tonk

Peanut butter
Elvis would be proud. Delicious peanut butter and bananas never tasted so good! Contains peanuts. Add additional $10 for delivery.

Small: $15.00

Large: $35.00

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