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Nana’s Menu

The Love’s in the Pudding.

Nana’s Pudding is always made from the freshest fruits and come in many different flavors. Not a fan of bananas? Try our Banana-less Banana Pudding! Looking for something that won’t tip your diet? Try our Sugar-free Banana Pudding. Whatever the taste, Nana has you covered.

All puddings are made with Fresh fruit and come in either small 160z or large half Pan sizes.

  • Honkey Tonk- (Peanut butter Pudding) Small $15 & Large $35 (Pudding Contains Peanuts)
  • Coconut Island- (Toasted Coconut Pudding) Small $15 & Large $35
  • Strawberry Delight- (Strawberry and Banana Pudding) Small $15 & Large $35
  • Tropical Island- (Pineapple, Mango and Toasted Coconut) Small $15 & Large $40
  • Banana-less Pudding- Small $10 & Large $30
  • Sugar-free Banana pudding- Small $10 & Large $30
  • Add $10 for all Delivery Orders

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